A woman sits at a desk, extending her arm out for a handshake. This Way ONward logo is superimposed in the top right corner.

This Way ONward

Are you curious about finding your first job? Or maybe you have some work experience under your belt, and you’re interested in sharpening your skills? Either way, this program is for you! This Way ONward is a job-readiness program that provides the next generation with the first jobs, mentoring, skills, and confidence they need to find their way in today’s job market. This program will guide you through the job search process; covering everything from getting a social insurance number to walking through the door on your first day!

For youth aged 16-24

This Way ONward helps youth prepare for positions at Old Navy, but the skills you learn in this program can be applied to other retail stores and different fields altogether! The This Way ONward program includes the following five Pillars:

  • Pre-Employment Fundamentals
  • Job Applications
  • Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Interviewing
  • While On the Job

You can work through all the pillars or jump to an area you want to work on. Once you complete all five pillars, you will earn a This Way ONward certificate. This can be a great addition to your resume or job application!

Are you ready to begin your employment journey? Start this program today! 

  • Open to all members
  • Can be completed alongside the This Way ONward program in Clubs
  • Approximate time to complete: 5 hours

This program focuses on five key pillars that can support a youth with no work experience or someone who is looking for some tips to take their skills to the next level.

Pre-Employment Fundamentals

This Pillar will help you reflect on your personal goals and circumstances before you start a job hunt. Learn about different kinds of employment, workplace settings, and what you need before you apply.

Job Applications

This Pillar gives practical advice for approaching digital and paper application forms. You will learn key terms and concepts that come up during the application process and get tips for completing a competitive application.

Resumes and Cover Letters

This Pillar is all about helping you create effective and well-designed resumes and cover letters. We'll discuss formatting, writing styles, and how to make your documents stand out.


This Pillar helps you prepare for the big day. We'll go over how to prepare for an interview, what kinds of questions you should expect, and what to do after the interview is done.

While On The Job

This Pillar provides recommendations for youth who have successfully landed a job. This Pillar is best for youth who are new to the working world, discussing professional skills like communication, conflict resolution, and learning on the job!

This program is generously supported by Old Navy.